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I'm Ewa Szewczyk

Designer crafting the future of user experiences for products, services applications and websites, based in Lodz & Warsaw.

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Case Studies

Ing Bank Śląski

UX Design


UI Design, Branding, UX Design


 UI Design, UX Design, AI Design

More Works

Millennium Bank

AI Design, UX Design


AI Design, UX Design

Nju mobile

UX Design, Project Managing


UX Design

Lodz University of Technology

AI Design, UX Design

To see, to hear

UX Design, Java programming

Areas of Expertise

Wireframes and Prototyping

The most fundamental tools in the field of UX design are no secret to me. I am experienced in  UX software such as Axure RP, Sketch, InVision and Figma, not to discard the importance of paper prototyping, which marks the beginning of every great project.

Information Architecture Design

That’s my favourite one. Organising the information in the most readable way, designing the logic behind it and creating user flows  – no good design can do without those.

Business Analysis

As a UX designer I am not only a user advocate, but also a business ally. My profound knowledge of business processes, which I gained in collaboration with numerous representatives of companies, makes me a valuable team member. 

Design Sprints and Workshop Facilitation

The best solutions can be created only in an engaging and encouraging environment. I have a vast experience in and passion for designing creative workshops and I am always able to come up with a new workshop technique that will enable us to reach our goal.

Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology

User Experience Design has not emerged out of nowhere. I am constantly exploring the field of psychology in order to understand better the people I am designing for and communicate with them in comprehensive and friendly way.

Interaction Design

In the end, it’s the interaction between the user and the interface that’s going to take place. My role is to ensure it’s going to happen in the smoothest and most delightful way possible. 

Some of my favorite clients

Beauty & brains, pleasure & usability – these should go hand in hand.
Don Norman



Feel free to contact me! I’m on the lookout for full-time work opportunities and I’d love to collaborate.🤝